Being a resident of a townhouse community has many advantages and creates many opportunities for personal expression. Traditionally, this specific type of neighborhood is made up of homes that are connected by one wall and, usually, designed in a similar style. This tends to create a uniform and organized look, which is appealing to both renters and buyers.

Choosing how to illuminate the exterior of a residence can sometimes be a complicated task, brimming with endless options and angles to work with. The location of your townhouse community—whether in a bustling city, nestled in a woodland escape, or integrated into an industrial setting—can affect how one chooses to enhance the landscape.

Backyards can be tricky to define in a townhouse setting. The use of wooden fencing; living boundaries, such as tall plants or full bushes; or even water features and stone décor, can define the space and create a beautiful area for privacy or entertaining.

The correct lighting lends a polished touch and enhances the landscape. A smart way to light fences is to use downward-focused, LED post lights, available from the Touchstone Lighting fence and sconce lighting series. These soft yet powerful lights illuminate a backyard or porch seating area perfectly, unlike bright, upward-facing lights that detract from the atmosphere. This helps your residence appear occupied and warm, homey and lively, every night of the year.

When using a living boundary, choose lighting that installs directly into the ground in or next to the landscaping. This allows illumination of the living features and a seamless integration of the lighting system chosen. The Zumbra series offer sleek designs that provide 14 feet of illumination per LED light fixture. Using downward-facing LED light to illuminate your landscape creates a warm glow and showcases the brilliant colors and textures used to create the boundary for your backyard and home.

Living in any community means lots of movement at all times of day, making pathways and gathering places a must-have for the bustling townhouse community. When choosing lighting for walkways, consider the surroundings and features. For areas between homes or community buildings, choose low-to-the-ground options such as something from the Touchstone Lighting catalog, maybe the Maxwell 5 series. This series offers fixtures in contemporary styles that use soft lighting to make a night stroll safe and enjoyable.