Here is a short video that tells you about our H2 dock marker lights and our solar security dock lighting system.


This is the H2 Solar Dock and Marker light. Solar powered, it’s wireless. Features a magnetic switch, the fixture is totally sealed, so to activate the fixture, we’re going to remove the magnet from the bottom side. The fixture gets dark, photocell activates the fixtures, that’s going to come on, extremely durable, you can literally walk on the fixture not having to worry about crushing or cracking the lens.

Recommended spaces can be every eight to sixteen feet, depending upon the dock, shape and style.

The H2 Dock and Marker light highlights and marks the outside edges of your dock. So imagine you’re coming in your boat from afar, you can actually see your dock, and when you get so close, your H2 solar security light comes on. It features a photocell built-in motor sensor, so that when the switch is in an activated position, the lights automatically are coming on when you get within 15-16 feet, and then it automatically shuts off after 60 seconds of operation.
The solar panel on the top provides 100 on and off 60 second cycles for six hour charge. Mounted 8-10 feet in the air, the solar security will provide about 40 foot diameter of light, features a three year warranty, totally wireless. Includes the mounting hardwork to mount it on a pipe or surface mount on to the edge of a building, whatever you might want to be doing.

So with these two wireless solar products here, you can safely highlight your dock, the H2 Solar Security dock lighting systems from Touchstone Accent Lighting.