Outdoor lighting is a great way to enhance your home’s outdoor beauty and increase curb appeal. Most homeowners are surprised to learn how varied the choices are when looking into outdoor lighting for any purpose (pathways, pools, decks, etc.) LED landscaping lights are gaining popularity and with it, come a host of questions.

What is LED lighting and what makes it different?

LED lighting (stands for “Light emitting diode”) is a relatively new energy source used in a wide variety of lighting purposes. Their method of delivering light is completely different from that of incandescent lighting, and therefore the energy requirements are not the same.

What are the advantages of LED lighting?

Recent developments in LEDs permit them to be used in environmental and task lighting. LED low voltage landscape lighting has many advantages over incandescent light sources including smaller size, longer lifetime, lower energy consumption, and improved durability.

Are there any disadvantages?

If you are looking for LEDs powerful enough for room lighting, they are relatively expensive. Not only is the cost higher, they require more precise current and heat management. This is in comparison to fluorescent lamp sources of comparable output. That being said, there are really no disadvantages when using LED lighting outdoors. The typical consumer is not looking to light up the back yard, but rather gently illuminate the highlights of the home’s exterior.

Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting has become more popular for both function (safety) and aesthetics. There are many different styles to choose from in addition to the “type” of light used. For example, there is a range of intensity levels, degree of softness or warmth, and color variety. The advantages of LED lights when used outdoors include lower costs in electricity and, they can be easily added to in the future.

Where to find Outdoor LED lights

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