If you have always wondered about installing commercial landscaping lighting fixtures in your backyard but were not really sure about the project, we have designed a very simple way to understand the process. Commercial landscaping lighting fixtures are typically low voltage lighting options, providing pools of light throughout the landscaping as well as lighting for other outdoor living spaces such as patios, pools, and decks. This use of low voltage fixtures means the installation is simple and easy and can be a do-it-yourself project without a lot of difficulties.

Lighting Options

One of the key factors in creating a well-lit area in any space is to choose the right fixture for the right type of light. Spotlights and floodlights are used to create a bright area of light to accent a specific feature. They can point up, to provide uplighting, which can be very dramatic through the branches of trees. They can also be mounted above features and point down, illuminating a large area such as a waterfall or garden gate area. There are also commercial landscape lighting fixtures for pathway lighting, as well as for ponds. Decks, pools and outdoor kitchens can also be illuminated using this same type of lighting.


The lights operate from a transformer which can run on solar power. The size of the transformer depends on the number of lights, and this should be calculated before buying the system. We recommend laying out the system and carefully considering where to place the various fixtures. Our lights are easy to install and take just a few minutes, and with our selection of transformers, lighting fixtures, bulbs, and accessories, we can ensure you have everything you need to get your project started. To find out more, or to talk to our outdoor lighting specialists, call us today at 888-475-2112.