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The winter months usually bring visions of snowflakes, frozen lakes, and warm, fuzzy hats and mittens. In many states, especially in the Midwestern region, this is most definitely the bulk of the season. Days become much shorter as the temperatures drop. Thankfully, there are many wonderful holidays to keep people in good spirits while shoveling snow, scraping ice, and donning that ever-so-fashionable long underwear.

However, as much as the season beckons us to stay inside, light a fire, and curl up on the couch; there is still landscaping and decorating to be done. Of course, we decorate for the big-name holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Halloween, but even beyond those special days, winter lends a unique opportunity to express creativity and grandeur in our yards. Winter is a great time to play up the subtleties of a landscape, as well as the large and impressive pieces that might be part of your scenery.

Take, for instance, a water fountain. It does not need to be limited to warm seasons! With a little creativity and help from our experts, a waterfall, fountain, or other water feature can be just as magnificent alongside snow and frosted pines. Touchstone Lights offers a hardscape mount and a well-type floodlighting system perfect for illuminating outdoor water features. These lighting systems can create a dramatic stage for the wintry mist of cool water jets; showcase a fountain as a beautiful, waterless feature; or simply display the fountain in an arrangement of lights and natural landscape.

If you choose to keep your water fountain bubbling throughout the winter months, there are many options for creating a lovely scene fit for the season. Using a submersible LED light inside a fountain allows for illumination of surrounding landscape, as well as other lights and important features. Colored bulbs could be used and changed to create different moods for specific events. Touchstone also offers the Snail underwater LED light, which is small enough to fit just about anywhere and is tough enough to last through the cold months. A small, poseable light is great for water features, allowing a dramatic, low glow to come through the water and focusing attention on what’s happening above the water.