Adding a new fence to your garden may be for the security you require against burglars, but equally it may be essential to retain your young family and pets within a safe and confined space. The addition of outdoor fence lighting provides you with the opportunity to extend the hours in which you can use your garden for relaxation, fun and entertainment.

How Do You Use Your Yard?

For some homeowners, you may choose between installing a fence to provide you with privacy, the safety of your children and pets and also to provide a wonderful pictorial appeal. In most circumstances adding a good quality fence to your property increases its overall value.

You may prefer a picket fence, but that won’t provide you with a decent quality of privacy and you also need to consider the types of finishing and fences that are used by your neighbors. While you don’t have to choose to use the same materials as your neighbors, should you choose anything that stands out too much, it may reduce the value of your property and make it unattractive when you come to sell.

Wooden fences are extremely popular because they are a natural product and look good in most circumstances. Some individuals choose vinyl fences or aluminum. This gives a very different range of options for the look of your property and in each case it is better to consider the regular maintenance costs and the durability of the materials that you choose.

The height of your fencing may be set by local law or as part of your homeowner’s association rules and regulations. Should you build a fence that is too high, you will probably be asked to remove it and replace it. Alternatively, or additionally, you may also face a fine.

Thinking Ahead

The addition of outdoor fence lighting will help draw attention to the quality of your fencing once it has been completed and may be sufficient to deter burglars from considering your property as an option, because they may easily be seen trying to gain access to your home. It is equally possible that a high fence provides a burglar with privacy once they are in their garden and wish to make entry into your property, so make wise choices from the various options available to you. Where this is your worry, you can include security lighting in your garden, that is triggered when individuals are detected. Most burglars will not want to stay around after lighting up the neighborhood.

Our post and pipe series of outdoor fence lighting, which can also be used with decks and stairways is an ideal combination of a LED light fixture which is ideal for surface mounting and can be completed in just a few minutes.