At what age you allow small children and animals to go playing in your garden, unsupervised, is a difficult decision for all parents or guardians. At what age can you fully trust them to be safe and secure, when out of your sight? Although there is no easy answer to this situation, designing your garden so that it can be both fun and safe for your children, dogs and cats, will ease your mind. Using low voltage paver lights will certainly help your children see danger early in the morning or when light fades in the later evening.

No Need to Go to The Park When the Park Can Come to You

When your children play in your garden, you can make it just as inviting as the largest park in your region. You may also have the added advantage of a fully enclosed garden area so that your children and animals cannot escape and seek further danger.

Gates must be secure, with small children unable to open them without adult assistance. Fences must be tall enough so that the smallest adventurer is unlikely to climb across them.

Although you may know that all fishponds and swimming pools need to be fenced, it is never advisable to let children play unsupervised in an area around any water, because they can easily drown at a moment’s notice.

Planning Your Garden Zone

Trips and falls are to be expected, so it is better to plan your garden with fewer hard areas and more soft areas in preparation for their regular mishaps. You do not have to choose artificial grass over the natural varieties, but repairing bald areas of your lawn regularly will provide your children with a more comfortable landing.

Once children are awake in the morning and have secured a hearty breakfast, they will be eager to explore the garden while their adult friends are considering surfing the Internet to check their email and update with the latest news and weather information. Low voltage paver lights placed strategically to emphasize walkway areas and potential areas of danger help small children see more danger before full daylight has arrived. Our Commino series of low voltage paver lights may be perfect to light up these areas. As they are low voltage, your children have no danger of being electrocuted and provided you use the LED option. As you share the information with them, you will be teaching them to go green for the betterment of the environment.

Think safety, be safe and your children will enjoy your garden year after year.