One of the advantages of working with TouchStone Accent Lighting for your garden light fixtures is support from our illuminologists. These experienced experts in outdoor low-voltage lighting solutions can help you to create just the look you want with our lighting products.

To get started, here are some top ideas to use our garden light fixtures to make your yard the talk of the neighborhood. With the colors, designs, options and features you will find in our fixtures, it will be easy to create the ideal look, lighting and accent lights you want to highlight your outdoor living space and landscaping.

Highlight Big Features in the Landscaping

Two of the most popular options for highlighting large and central features in the landscape are uplighting and downlighting. They both use floodlights or mini floodlights, with uplighting starting at the base of the feature and downlighting coming from the top of the feature.

Downlighting results in the look of moonlight from above, creating shadows and shapes on the ground. Uplighting creates shadows and shapes behind the feature while creating a brighter pinpointed area of light.

Walkway and Pond Lights

Shorter or taller pole styles of garden light fixtures with any type of shade from copper, brass or black or bronze to bright colors are a great way to create pools of light along a walkway or a path. These are also an ideal option for around a patio if there is a border garden.

Various types of carriage styles of lights along a walkway or path are classic and give a romantic and traditional look to any yard or garden. More styles are also available, and we have something to match any design you need.

Finally, do not forget about pool lights or lights for water features. Safe for use in these environments, they create a magical look that adds to the beauty of these additions to any landscaping.

For assistance in deciding which fixtures are best for your yard, give us a call today at 888-475-2112 or contact us through the website.