Once you have mastered the art of docking your boat regularly, you may wish to consider the many ways in which you can use your boat out of daylight hours. The addition of solar powered dock lights and low-voltage and solar powered lighting around your dock area, will help you master early starts and a late finish to your sporting day.

Speed Is Key to Efficient Docking

One of the first tips passed on to you as you learn how to dock your boat is that going slowly will serve you better than using too much throttle. You can still control your boat when using minimal throttle and it is easier to make sharp turns with slower speeds whether you’re using forward or reverse actions.

Driving Your Boat Outside of Daylight Hours

Your recently installed solar powered dock lights will give you the opportunity to tread carefully around a potentially dangerous area where you dock your boat. This applies not only to you, the captain and your crew, but to any other guests and visitors, including dogs.

While it makes common sense to drive your boat into familiar waters at night, your compass is still your best friend. Your boat may be equipped with high beam lights which are useful for docking, but they can blind other drivers in a similar manner to using high beam on a highway, in your vehicle.

You will probably observe that many waterways have much lower speed limits during the night time and in some areas this will be extremely slow, often known as the idle speed. This is to provide you with caution, especially as you won’t be able to see floating debris which might damage your boat, if you are moving too fast.

It is better to remove any distractions as you captain your boat out of daylight hours. Fewer interferences with your attention will mean that you concentrate more and you will be a safer captain for your passengers and other boats that are also taking advantage of nighttime hours to enjoy their pleasure cruising.

It is essential that you understand the differences between the red, green and white light usage at night, particularly paying attention to giving way to the other boats when you can clearly see their red light, as they have the right-of-way.

Our solar dock series is perfect as a dock marking light. These solar powered dock lights use the power from the sun each day to provide eight or more hours of illumination for the side of boat docks, gangways and to mark step areas.