How to Make the Most of Deck Accent Lighting on Your Deck

With your deck being the focus of attention from children to seniors and used for anything from rest to party entertainment, deck accent lighting is vital in providing security and also highlighting a special feature or nearby landscape.

Why Use Accent Lighting?

Deck accent lighting focuses on a specific area or a selected object. Inside your home, you might use it to show your favorite wall art, but on your deck, it provides several other uses, with safety being top of your list.

Where there are steps or stairs leading to your property or away from the deck area, lighting is essential so that your family and visitors will be able to clearly see each step and move around your deck area safely. As the light fades in the evening, the lighting will help you to use the deck area for much longer than purely in the daylight.

The Benefits of Accent Lighting Around Your Deck

Instead of purchasing dazzling floodlighting to light up your deck area, accent lighting is subtler and aesthetic. It can clearly show where safety is important around your deck area and it can also focus on the quality of the food that you are cooking on your barbecue.

Deck accent lighting can be installed at very low levels, around corners, or edges of banisters as well as over specific areas, such as your grill or a particularly favorite outdoor deck chair.

There is no difficulty in mixing and matching your lighting fixtures, providing as they blend perfectly with your deck surroundings. The questions you must ask yourself are first, about your choice of power source. Will you choose low voltage lights, line voltage fixtures or solar powered deck lights? Where you are unsure about the differences and the features, please ask so we can be sure to offer you the best advice available.

The Zumbra Series 7 walkway lighting is an excellent example of deck accent lighting, providing  focus and safety to the areas leading to and around the deck area. Ask us to show you our full range of products.