Touchstone Lights Product Line

Touchstone Lights Product Line

When it’s time to plan a landscape lighting design, choosing a variety of lighting styles is the key to a beautiful, functional outdoor space. Designs that utilize only one kind of lighting lack depth and interest. The yard may look garish, with too many distinct patches of light and dark. Choosing a variety of lighting styles and fixtures will provide enough subtlety and dimension to draw attention to the yard, without overpowering it.

Floodlights are a good choice for spotlighting large features in a yard. They may illuminate a water feature, statuary, a flagpole, a sign, or an address marker. Touchstone floodlights are available in several sizes, from mini to standard fixtures. They can be surface-mounted or attached to a pole. Their bases swivel, allowing light to be directed anywhere. While they can cast light in multiple directions, floodlights are typically aimed upward, toward the sky. Limiting a lighting design to only floodlights will create deep pockets of shadow between each beam of light.

Spotlights are similar to floodlights in form and function, but spotlights cast a wider, brighter area of light, and they are typically positioned in the ground. Spotlights create a dramatic look, and should be used to highlight the same kinds of yard features as floodlights. Using too many spotlights in a design, or using bulbs that are too bright, will give the same spooky, shadowy effect as floodlights. Direct lighting should be used sparingly, but purposefully, to maximize impact.

Walkway lights are another source of upward lighting that can be overused in a landscape design. While it is important, from a safety point of view, to light pathways adequately, this can be achieved by using a combination of upward- and downward-casting light fixtures. When every walkway is lit by the same type of upward-casting fixture, the outdoor space takes on a rigid feel, reminiscent of an airport runway. Choosing a design that relies solely on upward lighting offers little dimension and causes excessive light pollution. Varying the types of fixtures and the light they cast will help the homeowner follow good dark-sky practices.

The best landscape designs incorporate a variety of lighting techniques and types of fixtures to create a fresh and bright look that is both interesting and visually appealing. Let our trained illuminologists help you create a look you love. Whether it’s subtle or dramatic, Touchstone can help turn your vision into reality.