Step Lighting Solutions

Step Lighting Solutions

For property owners who are serious about making their landscape stand out both in the daytime and at night, and are concerned about energy costs, LED step lights are a must-have item. Steps are often architecturally the most prominent feature of the home. After all, the outdoor stairs lead to the house entrance, and they are the first thing a visitor focuses on. Step lights can add significantly to the attractive, even romantic impression of a house at night.

The reasons why LED outdoor step lights are so attractive to homeowners and business owners are shown below. We will then discuss some of the problems and solutions people encountered when installing step lighting. You may want to avoid these problems and know the solutions ahead of time.

Why homeowners and business owners choose LED outdoor step lights

Energy and money savings:  By choosing step lights for outdoor stairs, you will save money and energy in two ways. These lights come out ahead when compared to incandescent lights, plasma-based lights, and fluorescent lights.

Tips for using outdoor LED step lights

Use caution when installing: Often times, outdoor step lights will be built in into the riser of the steps. For instance, in porches, you will have to drill a hole to accommodate the light fixture. Needless to say, to avoid mishaps, it is important to decide on the location of the holes and, as they say, measure twice and drill once.

Use inconspicuous LCD lights: You may want to consider using our inconspicuous type of LCD step lights. These send direct light onto the floor. That way, you will reduce glare and light pollution for guests or business visitors. Often, the LED light fixture used for steps will have an option to direct light up or down. Choose down for the effect and to reduce glare.

Complete the look of the stairs with fence post lights: If you are illuminating an outside deck or porch that has a fence, consider placing independent lights on top of the fence posts. This will give you a brighter view of the steps and the porch or deck.


Here at Touchstone, we offer a large variety of step lighting. We also offer custom eDesign technology to help you envision your project before it’s even completed. Talk to one of our factory-trained illuminologists today.