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The pool is just part of what makes this a brilliant place.

The dark moon, light moon, half-moon, full moon – there are so many names for it. Whatever we choose to call it, the moon is our evening nightlight and can be used in outdoor landscape illumination design. Nighttime landscape lighting adds another dimension to the enjoyment of outdoor living. It enhances gardens, decks, buildings, trees and homes. Outdoor lighting adds character to the environment you live in, and entices you outside to enjoy the outdoors when the sun goes down.

The moon stands apart from anything else that exists in nature. Light designers always talk about and try to emulate the moon in outdoor landscape lighting. The romantic, soft glow can be utilized in every lighting design. As Albert Einstein said, “I like to think that the moon is there even when I am not looking at it.”

The moon is the night’s reflection of the sun. The moon and its huge craters and differing shapes is always changing during the night. So, what is the color of the moon, and how can we best use the big bright rock in our nighttime landscape lighting?

Sunlight is a mixture of colors that produces what we perceive to be white light. If you were to bounce sunlight off a white surface, the reflected light will be identical in color to the sunlight. It turns out that the moon absorbs twice as much violet color as it does red. For this reason, the moon is slightly reddish. It’s not the blue moon that we’ve heard about in movies and songs.

So how do you incorporate such illumination into your landscape design? Moon lighting is imitated by using 120-volt fixtures, a brighter light than you would use in other landscape design elements. The fixtures are placed in higher points within trees or along structures to create the image of light and reflection just as the moon does. As the light reflects, it shines down through branches and trees or the sides of buildings. The lights give off a very soft glow equivalent to that of a full moon. Moon lighting ascent can also be created with uplights, which give a greater contrast to the low-voltage accent lighting.

The result will bring a dramatic effect to your landscape design and can be added into any deck, path, or accent lighting throughout your home or business. Contact a Touchstone illuminologist to discuss packages and design your moon lighting effects.