Energy is an essential part of living today, and with its cost constantly climbing, there is a need to find more economical energy sources. One way of using energy in a more cost-effective fashion is the installation of LED lights. With help from Touchstone Accent lighting, you will be on your way to paying less in energy bills.

If you desire adequate and pleasant lighting in your home, both indoors and out, without being saddled with escalating energy bills, making the switch to LED lighting options would be a good place start.

Why LED is a better choice

It’s all about saving energy, and this is not always possible with old-fashioned lighting. In most older options, as much as 90 percent of the energy is wasted in the form of heat emitted. This results in a loss of money, as the energy given off by heat is usually not harnessed for reuse.

LED lights may cost a little more to start with, but they do last longer. They are also more cost-effective, because they tend to emit less heat, reducing the need to find additional ways of cooling your home.

As LED lights become more common, they are also becoming more affordable. Even the initial price of a first-time purchase is no longer too steep.

Although the light emitted from LEDs is remarkably softer in look and feel, the actual light is significantly brighter than other sources of the same wattage. Some may argue this is not really a significant difference, as most lighting options will give an adequate amount of light according to wattage. However, with LEDs, tests have shown a definitely brighter glow.

LED lights also contain no mercury or toxic materials. From a health and environmental standpoint, LED is a better choice. The cost of keeping traditional bulbs from contaminating the environment during disposal can be high. Therefore, switching to LED lighting options is more economical for government institutions as well as for individuals.

The cost of switching from conventional and old-style lighting options to LEDs does not usually involve any significant initial investment. In most cases, specifically designed retrofits are available. Contact Touchstone’s professional staff for a consultation and answers to all your questions concerning making the switch to LED lighting.