Your swimming pool is one of the most important outdoor elements of your home. If you and your family use your pool with any frequency, it may be the center of action during the warm summer months. It can serve as a place of relaxation after work or a fun place for the kids on those long summer days. The pool area can also be pleasant for old and young alike in the evenings and at night when you have pool deck lighting installed. At Touchstone Accent Lighting, we offer a number of products that can light up your pool deck with a beautiful ambience.

Create Natural Ambience Around Your Pool Deck Area

Our illuminologists understand the various factors involved with installation of outdoor deck lighting fixtures. We know the types of lighting products that can produce an attractive ambience and welcoming environment for your family. With the installation of LED pool deck lighting you can create a natural effect that results in unobtrusive, comfortable, reliable lighting for your outdoor space.

The LED exterior lighting products we offer our perfect for outdoor fence lighting applications. Deck accent lighting can reduce tripping hazards by providing a warm, gentle glowing light it sheds a gentle, soft illumination upon walking areas and paths.

Another option is also a powered LED deck stair lights that provide a consistent, clear light in an affordable manner that keeps your outdoor and deck areas safe. The solar powered lights produce a cool, bluish hue that operates from consistent sunshine during the day for best results.

FlexNFlat LED Reels

The FlexNFlat LED reels we offer our perfect for locations (indoor and outdoor) where you are not able to use normal lighting. You can purchase these versatile and highly flexible LED lighting strips in a number of different lengths or cut your own lengths.

Moon Series Lights

Perfect for pool deck lighting, our Moon Series lights are easily concealed in the daytime and are excellent for lighting up deck stairways while taking up minimal space. From our Moon series collection of lights, options include Full Moon, Half Moon, and louvered series, based on your specific lighting needs. Our louvered fixtures are perfect to light up your stairs when it’s dark. Our Full Moon series lights are excellent for directing light downward to light up spaces and the water. Our Half Moon series lights are useful on handrails.

Our illuminologists are here to help you achieve the outdoor deck lighting design you desire for your pool area. Call us today at 888.475.2112 for more information or to get started with a free in-home lighting consultation.