Landscape & Gardens

For gardens, walkways, and other outdoor spaces that require steady, unobtrusive lighting, our Coppertino product line is the perfect choice. These led lights for garden provide a consistent, even illumination over a larger space and meld with your existing landscape design to provide safe, effective lighting that ads a touch of class and style without calling attention to the fixtures. For subtle, ambient light that improves the overall look and safety of your property and adds a subtle sense of style to your exterior landscape lighting, count on the professional team with Touchstone Accent Lighting.

In areas with dark sky requirements, the design of these stunningly sleek and elegant lamps provides horizontal lighting without light pollution, allowing a clear view of the stars without sacrificing safety. The riser boot allows for adjustable height, which allows you to place these sophisticated fixtures around your vegetation without concern for the foliage. Garden light fixtures can be spaced between 8 and 16 feet in a staggered pattern to create consistent illumination over a large area.

Our online e-design service can help you determine the proper placement and layout for your package. With these beautiful, elegant landscape lighting fixtures, you’ll enjoy gently illuminated outdoor led garden lights for your spaces. The design of these versatile fixtures help accent your manicured landscaping without calling attention to themselves. When value, style, and durability matter, count on our quality products to provide you with the illumination your family needs to enjoy your outdoor spaces. Professional LED garden lighting adds sophistication to your landscape design. Call or click today to get started.

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