Solar Lighting

When it comes to the best solar landscape lights, you can’t go wrong with our solar lighting systems. Whether you need floodlights for a sign, extended driveway, or remote location on your property, or are considering solar powered landscape lights as a cost-effective, green alternative to traditional options, we have a package to fit your need. Attractive, affordable, environmentally conscious lighting is possible with our high quality solar powered alternatives.

With automated timers and batteries to store the energy gathered from the sun’s rays, these surprisingly versatile and stylish packages offer homeowners and commercial property owners a variety of options for lighting their outdoor spaces. Whether you’re seeking affordable lighting for a walkway, garden, stairs, or driveway, or need a lighting option for a remote area, these versatile packages offer a variety of choices, from flood lights to ambient lighting for larger areas. Various fixtures are available.

We have choices that will fit all your exterior lighting fixtures needs. When you come to us, you can choose whether you’d like a full professional installation by our team of trained “Illuminologists”, or prefer to tackle the project as a do-it-yourself job. We provide support including e-design and landscaping design services that will provide you with a range of options to suit your budget and need.

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