Walkways & Paths

At Touchstone Accent Lighting we have your visitors’ safety in mind with every walkway and path design we lay out. We enjoy our work and think you’ll love the results of properly installed exterior path lighting. Our commercial quality lights will allow you to do the job just once and you’ll enjoy years of amazing outdoor pathway landscape lighting.

LED Walkway Lights Bring Safety and Beauty to Your Outside Area

The right lighting not only makes your path easily visible and illuminates any twists, turns or steps; it can also greatly enhance the visual appeal of your grounds, garden or frontage. Appropriate lighting adds an engaging ambiance and provides an excellent first impression. It can also form the perfect backdrop to al fresco dining and other outdoor entertaining.

Customized Landscape Pathway Lighting Solutions

We know that no two customers have exactly the same aspirations when it comes to their outdoor lighting. That’s why we offer a personalized service that ensures you get the type of lighting your home or business needs. We take into consideration looks, form and function, as well as budgetary constraints, including maintenance and energy requirements. Our lights are all chosen for their excellent energy efficiency and we are always discovering fresh, innovative ways to get our customers the cost-effective lighting answers they’re looking for at an attractive price.

Experienced Provider of LED Pathway Lighting

Our company has been transforming outside areas into attractive, well-lit landscapes for over 20 years. We believe that our personalized and professional service underpins our success. To find out more about how we can help, call us now at (888) 475-2112.

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