Zumbra series

For landscape applications and walkways that could use a little extra lighting, Zumbra fixtures from Touchstone Accent Lighting provide a contemporary accent to your landscape design that give a touch of elegance and class to the overall look of your property. Each fixture features a 3 watt warm white LED bulb, an adjustable riser, and a 7 inch diameter hood.

The outward horizontal illumination from these elegant fixtures provides up to a 14 foot diameter of illumination, making them a good choice for walkways and general landscape lighting. When sophistication and durability are important in your outdoor landscape design, these low voltage garden lights are an option that offers both power and affordability. The dual-tone finish offers a refined touch to your overall design, giving your property an attractive, welcoming overall look.

Our team of trained “Illuminologists” has the experience and skill necessary to work with you to create an effective package that will suit your needs, budget, and goals for your outdoor spaces. Our eDesign services will help you determine which fixtures will best suit your property. We provide either expert installation of your new lighting fixtures, or tips and advice for the do-it-yourselfer, to help ensure satisfaction in the long term. We work hard to help you create a landscape that fits your vision for your property. Call or click to arrange your consultation today.

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