Cafe Party Series




Cafe Party Series

G45 Cafe Lights
The Touchstone Lights Cafe Party Series strand lights are perfect for any outdoor use, including under trees or areas with a roof. These lights connect to a 12-volt transformer. They are perfect for a gazebo, awning, or any roofed patio area. It will turn a rather dull area into a well-lit area for activity, whether it’s just drinks or a competitive board game competition. These lights will add a level of fun to your landscape area. You can work these in among climbing foliage as a brilliant indirect accent to your landscape.

Cafe Party Series Features:

  • 12 volt AC/DC
  • E17 base
  • 2 watt per LED Bulb
  • 25 bulbs per strand
  • 50-foot strand


3-year Warranty

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