LV95 Silicone Connectors




LV95 Silicon Connectors

These parts from Touchstone are sold in pairs and are used to connect your Touchstone fixtures to your complete lighting system. The L95 Silicone Connectors allow you to connect any Touchstone fixture to your transformer by creating a connection between the wires of both features.

The L95 Silicones Connectors contain a silicone filling inside each fixture that is used to create a waterproof connection that helps maintain the integrity of the copper wire. The copper wire is used to connect the entire lighting system.

The silicone creates a watertight seal, making it not just a great choice for use with landscaping lights but also useful with irrigation systems and other outdoor 12-volt systems.

Our team of professionals is available to handle your design and installation. We offer an online outdoor lighting design guide to help you get started creating the landscape design that you envision for your outdoor spaces. Use the guide to create your vision, and our team of Illuminologists will help you put together a lighting package that will bring your dream to life. Call or click today to speak with a representative.

L95 Silicone Connector Features

  • Sold in pairs
  • Accepts 2-12, 1-18
  • Silicone filled
  • Water tight
  • Excellent choice for landscape lighting, irrigation, 12-volt applications

Additional information

number of connectors

single, bag of 12