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NuTone Haven Backyard Lighting and Mosquito Repellent System

This summer, protect your loved ones from the threat of biting mosquitoes with the NuTone Haven Backyard Lighting and Mosquito Repellent System. The NuTone system provides discreet protection from mosquitoes anywhere you spend time outdoors. It’s easy to install and provides effective protection from mosquitoes all season long, including those that carry the Zika virus.

Unlike other products on the market, the innovative system is a combination of efficient LED lighting and mosquito-repellant cartridges, and comes in black or bronze finish to match your decor. Each fixture will repel biting mosquitoes for 110 square feet. An average-sized patio or deck will be protected with just four fixtures all season long. In addition, the child-resistant fixture ensures safety for your family.

The low-profile fixtures will blend into your existing landscape and provide lighting where needed. If no lighting is desired, the fixture is available as a standalone product.

The system is easy to use and requires little maintenance. When the cartridge needs replacement, a green LED indicator glows to alert the user. The convenient, optional timer enables automatic operation, so you can set it to activate during peak mosquito activity or when you most often use your outdoor space. Protection begins within 15 minutes of activating the system, so there is no need to plan ahead.

  • 16 integrated LEDs provide 40 lumens at 2,900K and last 30,000 hours
  • Powder-coated, cast-aluminum housing with UV-stabilized polycarbonate lens
  • Two cable connectors and adaptors for 12-16 gauge cables included
  • Works with 12v and 15v AC transformer
  • Three-year limited warranty

The system is designed for use in any outdoor environment where mosquito protection is needed. It is odorless, silent and invisible to your family and guests. The easy-to-install design can be mounted on a deck post, railing or any other flat horizontal surface and won’t harm surrounding plants and shrubs. You can add the system to your existing landscape lighting or as a new installation to add lighting with the added bonus of mosquito protection. Each fixture comes with adaptors to fit most existing systems and transformers, or can be installed on a simple cable system.

Give yourself and your family the peace of mind knowing you’re protected during your time outdoors with the NuTone Haven Backyard Lighting and Mosquito Repellent System.

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