Landscape Well



MR16 Adjustable Well Series – LW240 Architectural  & Walkway Lighting

The Adjustable Well Series is great for uplighting trees, home architecture, wall washing and sculptures. Features interchangeable LED’s for maximum nighttime effects and design flexibility. This fixture uses the versatile MR16 bulb. Bulbs are not included with the fixture and must be purchased separately, just simply because there are so many to choose from. You’ll want to get the bulb perfect for your situation.

 Adjustable Well Series Features:

  • 12 volt AC/DC
  • Stainless Steel fasteners and brackets
  • Adjustable LED Bracket
  • GX5.3 bi-pin porcelain lamp sockets
  • 36″ fixture leads
  • PVC housing
  • Silicon gaskets
  • MR16 LED

ETL LogoDimensions: 3 3/4 inch diameter x 7 inch tall

Warranty: Lifetime housing warranty

Applications: Uplighting | Wall Washing Lighting | Architectural Lighting | Walkway & Stairways

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Well 240 Series Instructions

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