Xenon Bi-pin Replacement Bulb




For some applications, soft, warm, reliable LED lighting just isn’t enough. For those areas in which you want to add a touch of flair to your Coppertino, Center Stem, Dakota, or Moon series outdoor home lighting fixtures, the ColorChange LED replacement bulbs from TouchStone Accent Lighting offer an attractive option. These retro-fit bulbs change to 16 different colors, adding visual interest to your overall landscape design.

When combined with the ColorChange Remote (sold separately), these G4 LED bulbs can be set to any of the 16 different colors, and switched between flash, strobe, fade, or smooth lighting options. The variety of accents available is limited only by your imagination. These long-lasting lamps allow for customization of your outdoor landscape lighting system, enabling you to create an overall design that is as attention-grabbing or subtle as you choose.

Our trained team of installers has the experience, tools, and skill necessary to help you create a design that includes these attractive, interesting accents. Create a system of lights that surprise and delight by choosing the color-changing replacement bulbs from TouchStone Accent Lighting. ColorChange LED bulbs are also available in 3 watt lamps to fit the Small Flood and Wide Flood series of fixtures, for a truly dramatic addition to your overall outdoor landscape lighting design. Use our outdoor lighting design guide or consult with our trained illuminologists to create the lighting package that best suits your property. Call or click today, to arrange your initial consultation and to find out what we can do for you.

Here is our Xenon Bi-Pin Lamp replacement bulb.

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