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Zumbra 9.5 Copper
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Zumbra Series 9.5 inch – GCz9578 Garden and Boulder Lighting

The new TouchStone Zumbra series LED garden fixture is designed for illuminating large garden areas.  The extra long/tall riser provides superior nighttime effects in mature garden foilage.

Designed for larger areas, 9578 Zumbra’s extra tall riser allows the fixture to disappear in taller flowers and plants. Interchangeable 3-watt 2700k LEDCapsule offers maximum nighttime effects and design flexibility.

Zumbra Features

  • 12v AC/DC
  • Interchangeble G4 bi-pin 3 watt 2700k LEDCapsule
  • Adjustable riser boot
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • 7” SuperStake
  • 30” Fixture leads
  • Tool-less hood removal
  • Accepts 1/2″ NPT hardware

Dimensions 9.5” diameter hood, 3/4” x 30” tall riser

Warranty Lifetime housing warranty


Provides up to 20 foot diameter of light.  Excellent illumination in large flower gardens and mature landscapes.

Additional information

Finish Color:

Raw Copper




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