Your home is your most prized possession, and when the sun is shining, everyone can see its charm and everything you’ve done to make it a showpiece. But what happens after the sun sets? Rather than succumbing to the dark, you can make your home more welcoming by installing a Touchstone LED outdoor lighting system. We offer a number of commercial-grade indirect lighting options, all of which will highlight the character of your home and landscape to make it more beautiful, safe, and usable at night.

Since 1986, our team of illuminologists has been dedicated to pioneering the art of indirect outdoor lighting. Through this journey, we’ve developed a unique product line of outdoor lighting fixtures that make homes, landscapes, and gardens maintain their good looks after dark.

In our quest to become an industry leader, we created an indoor lighting lab for our customers and staff that offers new product testing, demonstrations, and education — all focused on making the highest quality and most reliable indirect outdoor lighting systems. Our leading-edge technology and iPad application enable us to create personalized visual lighting plans — including walkway lighting and landscape pathway lighting — so you can always see the light.

Please shop our complete line of lighting products here to find your the perfect lighting combination for your home.