Are you planning on enhancing the exterior façade and landscape your home with a number of solar lights? These lights offer exceptional decorative appeal and ambience and are used many times to focus attention upon specific areas of a landscape. Solar power lighting is also highly useful for lighting up walkways, docks, stairs, and more. Regardless of whether you only intend to install few of these lights around your residential property, or use solar powered dock lights, we offer many of these lighting options at Touchstone Accent Lighting that are cost-efficient and effective.

Solar Power Lighting Options

Whether your goal is to create a decorative lighting arrangement for your landscape, or simply a practical lighting solution to ensure or improve safety, you can choose among many lighting options, including:

  • Deck lights
  • Garden lights
  • Walkway lights
  • Fence lights
  • Dock lights
  • Flood lights
  • Tree lights
  • Driveway lights

Solar Powered Dock Lights

Solar power lighting is used commonly around marinas and docks. The appeal of solar dock lights is special for various reasons, including their maintenance-free operation, ease-of-use, and easy installation with no wiring involved. Dock and marina owners can save money over time by switching to solar dock lights.

You can place these solar dock lights on a dock in virtually any location of your choosing. They are powered through rechargeable batteries that last a long time. The batteries receive power through recharging on a daily basis from the sun. Some of the best solar dock lights you can obtain are LED lights that are highly efficient and able to provide long-lasting illumination.

Solar dock lights provide superb lighting that you can enjoy on a continuous basis. The ambience created by ultra-bright solar dock lighting is exceptional. These lights are also easy to install and highly effective as a tool for markers and assistance with navigation.

Solar Lighting for Illumination and Safety

Solar lighting is a cost-efficient solution that can provide excellent illumination for visibility and safety in addition to improving your landscape’s decorative layout.

For more information about the solar powered dock lights and other solar lighting products we offer, call us today at 888.475.2112.