Tips for Choosing the Right LED Garden Spotlights

It takes a lot of time and effort to get the best plants and materials for your landscape. However, unless your garden is well-lit at night, few people can appreciate its beauty and splendor. LED garden spotlights offer the perfect way to accent your best features and here are some of the products you can get from Touchstone Accent Lighting.

Coppertino Series

If you want your lighting to focus on one area of the garden, our Coppertino Series lights are a great choice. The fixtures are durable and 24 inches in length. However, you can have the length custom cut. This lets you choose just how much lighting you want to use. The 24-inch length casts a light 15 feet in diameter.

You also can choose lighting intensity with 3, 5, and 10-watt bulb choices. Select a raw copper finish or colors like sandstone, stainless steel, red rock, or oil rub bronze. You don’t need to assemble them since the fixtures are one-piece construction. If you want more color for your landscape, see our Coppertino Ladybug LED garden spotlights. They offer some exciting colors like lime, apple, and blueberry.

Maxwell 5

When you want subtle lighting that casts a low profile, our Maxwell Series lighting has much to offer. You have many options to choose because the profiles are adjustable. Like the Coppertino Series, you can choose custom lengths up to 24 inches. These LED garden spotlights come in raw copper, and rust steel finishes to blend in with the landscape.

Del Otero

If your garden has a walkway, you’ll want to illuminate it with something like Del Otero Series lighting. It’s a cost-effective solution for your outdoor lighting needs. Their unique nautical design casts 12 feet of light. Check out our eDesign services for free help with your landscape lighting needs.