Lighting up your outdoor space adds to evening fun and entertainment. Even if you plan on buying the finest garden light fixtures for your home or business, it’s important to choose the right light to complement your fixtures. Here are some helpful tips from Touchstone Accent Lighting to enhance your garden and entire evening experience.

Don’t Forget Pathways

If your garden area is not near the house, how can people get there at night unless you illuminate the walkway? This is not only a convenient feature; it’s a matter of safety. Our Maxino Series Lighting is commercial quality, so you’ll have dependable pathway lighting which is virtually maintenance-free.

Grilling Out

You don’t have to grill out in the daytime when you invest in quality-made grill lighting. In fact, you can extend your entertainment hours far into the evening. Our Light My Grill Lighting Series are the perfect enhancement for your garden light fixtures. They feature low-voltage design and nickel-plated adjustable fixtures.

Garden Protection

It’s hard to enjoy the features of your lovely garden on a summer evening when you have to deal with mosquitoes. No one wants to put up with mosquito bites and the health problems they can create. Why not install a mosquito repellent system that also lights up your garden and landscape?

Touchstone Accent Lighting is proud to offer one of the most effective mosquito repelling systems on the market today. You can choose light or no light, and each fixture takes a special mosquito repellant cartridge to get rid of those pesky invaders for up to one hundred square feet. This system is simple to install and use, and has as 3-year limited warranty.

To check out our garden light fixtures and all the enhancements we have to offer, visit us on the Web today at or call toll-free (888) 475 2112.